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Doctors urge Tennesseans to beware of West Nile Virus

- States across the country are seeing a spike in the number of West Nile Virus cases. The Centers for Disease Control says it's the worst outbreak in years.

Monday, both Oklahoma and North Carolina reported their first deaths from the virus. In Mississippi, there have been 59 cases and one death. In Louisiana, there have been 52 cases and six deaths. Texas is the hardest hit state with 336 cases and at least 10 deaths.

However, Mobile County has not experienced a similar spike. Director of Epidemiology Melissa Tucker says since 2006, there have been no reported deaths of West Nile and just a total of 23 cases. Last year, there were six cases. And so far this year, there have been two reported in Mobile County.

"When you have any novel virus, that's brand new to an area, you're going to have some extreme cases of it, and I think that's what's happening in Texas right now," said Tucker.

The elderly and people with weak immune systems are more susceptible to being infected. Health officials recommend removing all standing water near your home. That includes, drilling holes in swings so water drains out and changing water in pet dishes. Mosquitoes are most active during dawn and dusk. So if you can stand it, wear long sleeves and pants. Also, spray EPA registered bug spray to reduce your risk.

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EcoMosquito systems work automatically by spraying a very fine mist of botanical insecticide through nozzles installed around the perimeter of your yard. The mist drifts around the property and settles on the grass and landscaping, repelling or killing any mosquitos or other unwanted pests., like spiders, flies, gnats, fleas and ticks, that come in contact with it. The system is timed to a mist at dusk and dawn when mosquitos are most active and beneficial insects, like bees and butterflis are not.

As a licensed, commercial applicator, EcoMosquito applies environmentally responsible and technically advanced solutions to the growing and serious problem of controlling the moquito population around homes, businesses and recreational areas.

You'll never again have to spray your children with messy repellents, or remember to fog your yard before an evening cookout.

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Get ahead of the mosquito season. Take control of your yard! Ask about our 45-Day Money Back Guarantee.

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